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Asset Management

Our investment management approach is to create fully diversified portfolios that align with your specific goals. We believe that a disciplined asset allocation is far and away the most important factor in your investment success.1, 2 That said, we do strive to improve on those results by also considering important factors such as taxes, volatility, liquidity and other risks.

For asset classes reflecting big markets which are efficient and for which information is widely available, we primarily utilize low-cost, tax-efficient index ETFs. For some categories of investments, where information is limited, costs are high, and/or liquidity is low, we take an active approach. We scour the investment universe to find professional money managers who we believe will try to utilize those market characteristics to add value, at a reasonable cost.

Once selected, each holding, as well as the entirety of the portfolio, is evaluated and rebalanced regularly to maintain the asset allocation target. In taxable accounts, portfolios are monitored annually for any potential opportunities to tactically harvest tax losses or to situationally realize gains in alignment with client income or tax law changes.

1 https://tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.2469/faj.v51.n1.1869


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